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1643 Williamsburg Square #102, Lakeland, FL 33803, USA

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    Gary Farmer
    September 14, 2022

    For all my contractors out there, I have been a fan of Lead Revenue, since Brett Sutherlin started and sold the company, since Brett is no longer there , they have went straight to hell… we pay a lot of money for a service, that we no longer get! Brett Please tell Lead Revenue, that your customers are begging for your help! One more thing they should fire every single person that doesn’t work. Just like Henry Ford, he built a fantastic ideas and the new generation destroyed it.. I have referred over 100 customers to Fusionzone , my next move is to go to every single BBB in every city, if it takes me 50 years. Gary Farmer

    Tim Ehlers
    December 08, 2020

    I can tell you that I'm a or may not retract this one star review on Fuzion Zone I have been going through a very difficult transition apparently with Fuzion Zone in which they have taken over motor webs roughly two years ago maybe three years I don't remember quite exactly I would have to look at my records I can tell you that we are a small dealership in a town that I have lived for all of my life I'm a fifth-generation resident and farmer and car sales owner of Tim the truck man and ehlers Farms. I can tell you on November 10th 2020 that Fusion what song was notified on two separate occasions from me after a busy day at work and which thank God since I have a good connection with the community most people have my private cell phone number I can tell you eight separate applications submitted through Fuzion own we're submitted and each and every one of those people we're able to buy a vehicle with good credit if it wasn't for my upmost standing and well known person in the community I would have lost these deals to another dealership they did not seem to concern let me tell you at the moment I was not too concerned because this is actually happened several times in the tune of the last 3 years I can say probably 10 times I can tell you through the analytics of Google I can tell you through the operations of Fuzion own and I can tell you through the operations of Fuzion own and their employees in which after roughly two separate inquiries by me set to Fuzion Zone support team at 6:30 in the evening of 11th November and about 9 p.m. the same evening I sent them a message after my long day and which I close at 6 p.m. I did not leave the dealership until 9:30 that evening and which I had spent over 14 hours that day because I am there myself on one particular day per week that was this day I had several complaints throughout the community that they tried to submit credit applications and which there is a error message directly across in red on my application page for Tim the truck man for inquiry of getting financing in which the town that I live is roughly about 18,000 people the neighboring Town Bellingham to next to Linden what's the largest town in Whatcom County in the tune of I believe 92,000 people we do fairly well in our community and we carry it anywhere from 60 to 100 cars and inventory and trucks at any given time not to mention motorhomes campers boats and a few other miscellaneous items that actually have value we do not sell garbage we are not a Buy Here Pay Here lot and every one of our vehicles do not have a salvage title in which we have sold I can tell you in approximately in The Last 5 Years roughly two vehicles with salvage titles those Vehicles were a macula a reply placed Parts with e m parts and the body shop that did the work has numerous amounts of awards and schooling with continuous on both of our levels throughout our life our dealership has over 135 years of experience. I can tell you the next morning by about 11 a.m. I have not received a phone call one other than a support ticket saying your issue will be taken care of quickly I can tell you fusionzone just not in any one of their tickets when you send a support message for help because a problem within their system I can tell you that that day especially one of their employees named Caleb I was talking to him and wished he was basically not listening to my self the owner of my page and the administrator of another I can tell you Caleb was may be roughly 28 years old and very not understanding in a position of tech support in which the man actually knew less than I did with the situation not only did he not no less than I did with the situation but he didn't know how to rectify the common knowledge of the computer programming that this Corporation represents and which we pay for and which we also when Fuzion Zone Ginny basically bought out motor Webb's a family-owned business that they immediately the next month after they took over the operations of motor labs in the new name of Fuzion Zone tried to raise our price of 199 per month for maint

    Dan Ngo
    May 18, 2018

    Mercedes Cruz and her team at fusionZone have been amazing helping us set up our new Honda dealership in Corpus Christi. Mercedes is especially timely with her responses to my many questions and requests.

    Van Horn Hyundai of Sheboygan
    April 22, 2016

    We're very pleased with the results we get from our Fusionzone websites and how fast we get a response. Our project manager, Steven Farrelly, is awesome. He's always quick to make requested changes and keep our websites launching on time (even when our requests are borderline unreasonable - he still comes through) - highly recommended!

    Freeman Toyota
    May 25, 2016

    We switched to Fusionzone about 9 months ago. I will say that once I learned who to call, getting them to do anything different is a breeze. I know if I call Will, it will get done. And they don't nickel and dime you for doing anything custom work wise. They just do it. It is kind of nice knowing that if anyone in management here pulls some "new" idea out that I don't have to worry about getting it implemented on our website. They really do a good job in making our webpage changes go smoothly.


    Our Address

    1643 Williamsburg Square #102, Lakeland, FL 33803, USA

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